What We Believe & Teach

At Prairie Flower Bible Church,
We firmly believe & lovingly teach...

  • The verbal, plenary inspiration and absolute authority of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible—it is the complete and only Word of God;
  • The Bible is absolutely inerrant in its inspiration and wholly infallible in its preservation of the original texts;
  • The tri-unity of the Godhead—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—co-equal and One—the Almighty, Sovereign God, Who created all that exists in six literal days, as revealed in the Bible—there is no other;
  • The virgin birth and absolute Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ—He was/is God in the flesh;
  • The Person and work of God the Holy Spirit, Who permanently indwells, keeps, guides, and gifts all true believers for service from the moment of salvation; the gifts of tongues, prophecy, special knowledge, and various accompanying "sign gifts" ceased to function when the Holy Scriptures was completed, though God still works in amazing ways for His purposes and glory;
  • The reality and personality of Satan—the defeated enemy of God, tempter, and accuser of the brethren;
  • The total depravity and lost condition of all mankind by our very nature, and each individual’s desperate need of repentant faith unto the New Birth;
  • The full propitiation for sin through the substitutionary death of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior and only Hope of mankind, according to His loving grace, not man's innate worth;
  • The literal, physical resurrection from the dead of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • Justification by grace alone through personal faith alone in the Person and finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ alonenothing more, nothing less;
  • That every true believer securely has eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • That every true believer should live a life of holy, obedient, loving separation to God from all sinful practices and worldly philosophies, and from modernist, ecumenical, legalistic reform, charismatic, and "seeker-sensitive/purpose-driven/emergent" movements that are now so prevalent within the modern-day, organized chruch;
  • The dispensational distinction between the Church and Israel—the Church began at Pentecost, includes all true believers, and functions in local fellowships;
  • That the translation (Rapture) of the Church is imminent and will precede the 7-year Tribulation, wherein God will again deal with Israel nationally;
  • The Personal, premillennial coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to earth with His saints to establish His literal Millennial Kingdom;
  • The eternal, conscious punishment of all the lost in a literal Hell; and the eternal, conscious bliss of every saved person in the very presence of God.

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